Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Classic

2023 Rally Dates:

October 22, 2023 to October 27, 2023 including arrival and departure dates


Bend, OR


Sunriver Resort


Each participant is responsible for the logistics and costs of shipping their own car(s) to and from the event. Let us know if we can be of assistance in connecting you to others from your area.


Security will be provided at night during the rally in selected areas. We have contracted to provide security at night in selected locations. However, we do need to know in advance of any special requirements regarding your vehicle.


The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Classic is proud to partner with Passport Transport www.passporttransport.com and has secured special group transportation rates for our participants.
For round trip, enclosed transportation of your vehicle, please contact Camille Davis at (417) 650-0972; mention you are on the 300 SL Classic to book as soon as possible.

As experienced rally participants, we have often tried to buddy up on shipping with fellow participants in our area. So, if you would like to work with your fellow participants to coordinate transport, please let us know. Once we receive and only when we receive your permission, we'll send an email to like-minded rally members. We will not share names, emails, or phone numbers without your permission out of respect for your privacy. Also, tell us where your car needs to be picked up if it isn't being shipped from the address on your application.


Every participant is required to have their cars properly insured according to the laws of the state and/or country of the car’s registration. Please note that some insurance policies may have limitations on mileage or restrict coverage when your car is not parked in a secured garage overnight, driven in road rallies, or while in transit. We recommend that you verify that your car will be covered for a more than 1,000 mile organized multi-day rally event that involves hotel parking lots and commercial shipping. If you need insurance or have questions regarding coverage, our insurance sponsor, Mal Maloney (Hagerty), can assist. Mal can be reached at mobile: 206.295.4877 office: 231.252.8797 or at mmaloney@hagerty.com.


A 300 SL specific spares kit list will be supplied to all participants. Individual items and complete kits will be available through the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center and the Gull Wing Group club store. Having a few simple spares can mean the difference between a minor setback and the end of the rally.
A 300 SL specific safety and mechanical pre-rally check list will be supplied to each participant and will be required to be completed and received by October 1, 2023. A well prepared car is your best bet to fully experience the rally and your best way to minimize your opportunity cost.